Fee Schedule​ 

for Forensic Services


It is Dr. Shelton's preference to be appointed by Court Order or Agreed Order in a case. However, she does accept privately retained cases. Forensic Psychologists assist the Court in legal decision making when psychological factors are relevant.

While there are standard protocols for various types of evaluations, each case is unique. Contact 502.694.9432 for a current fee schedule and to discuss any questions you may have about the services provided.

What is a Forensic Psychologist?

About Dr. Shelton

​​​Dr. Sarah Shelton

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Forensic Evaluations

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Dr. Shelton has over 17  years of licensed clinical  experience and has specialized in both forensic and medical psychology evaluations for the past decade. Read her biography and view or print a copy of her CV by selecting About Dr. Shelton above. 



Forensic Psychologists have specialized education, training, and experience in areas of practice that intersect with the legal system. They provide services related to family, juvenile, criminal, and civil law and also collaborate with law enforcement and investigative agencies.