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​ Dr. Shelton offers mobile forensic evaluations and   expert witness testimony. She travels throughout  the U.S. providing services in states where she  currently holds a license and in other states with the  acquisition of a temporary license. 

 She has office locations in KY, IL, TN, IN, and OH.   However, arrangements can be made to provide   services in another city or state convenient to all   parties involved.

 A case-specific agreement outlining the details of  services to  be provided, timelines, and associated  fees must be signed by both parties before any  services are rendered​.​

 All office locations are open by appointment only.  

​​​Dr. Sarah Shelton

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Forensic Evaluations

Expert Witness Testimony

Mediation & Parent Coordination

​Legal Consultation

Behavioral Medicine & Psychotherapy 


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